Hello World!

Thank you for your interest in CodePile. I am Ryan Rhode. For the past 20 years or so I’ve been developing websites and software to power them.

WordPress is the software I use for building sites these days. I’ve realized that I’m always searching for plugins to do little things and getting bloated WP installs full of plugins with useless features and code I can’t fully trust. I’m always saving little bits of code and putting it in child themes. I decided it was time to make a simple and efficient plugin to put all the things I want to use so I can just toggle them on or off as necessary.

Enter CodePile.

I intend for this plugin to cover all the little bits of code we don’t want to install yet another plugin for. No longer will we have to go searching for that little snippet of code just so we can edit a child theme and add function upon function to it. No more wasting time asking developers to add features to their plugins and waiting a week only to be told no, it’s out of the scope of their plugin. No. Now it’s time for CodePile!